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Wave Ride Trout

Wave Ride Trout

One Size Fits All

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Who doesn't love when you hook a bass and it jumps out of the water? 
  • Jumping trout embroidered on cotton twill
  • 5-panel pinch front cap with breathable mesh back
  • Recycled climbing cord 
  • Wave/Country Air Colorway to help camouflage against the sky
  • Flat brim that can be molded to your liking 

Size Guide

  • Circumference (a): 21 ½” - 23  ½”
  • Depth (b): 4 ¼”
  • Brim Width (c): 7”
  • Brim Depth (d): 2 ¾”
  • Button to Brim (e): 6 ½”
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Fish-On-Hat Score

FOH Score helps you choose the right hat for your fishing adventure. Pick the hat that lets you thrive in the fishing environment whether it's a familiar local spot or uncharted territory. The hexagonal scoring is based on the hat's structure, material and colorway.

Why we love this fish

The Rainbow Trout, native to cold-water tributaries of the Pacific in North America, has beautiful and vibrant color pattern. Not only is it often a target species for flyfisher, but also it has mild, delicate and nutty taste.